Monthly Archives: July 2012

Gentoo: Ebuild basics by the architect

The article is titled “Bash by example, Part 3“, the third part of a nice tutorial of bash basics. But more important, it nicely describes the internals of the Gentoo “ebuild” command, written by Daniel Robbins (Gentoo creator and former Chief Gentoo Architekt). Advertisements

Gentoo: Apache 2.4.2 – Analysis of possible solution to config changes

My head is dizzy from thinking about this, can’t even explain it so someone smart to get help. Time to write things down … Introduction Apache 2.4 needs some new modules. Some are really critical, some are just used for good reason in Gentoo’s default apache config – which won’t work without them. For details […]

Gentoo: Bugs to look at

Apache 2.4 make 2.4 work, then we can exterminate the rest (bonsaikitten) Bug 410509 – www-apache/mod_wsgi does not build against www-servers/apache2-2.4.1-r2: The posters are right and the provided ebuild seems to work. Suggest snapshot ebuild (9999.ebuild) Bug 410607 – www-servers/apache 2.4.1-r2 will not start with default conf: Also check Gentoo Forum: apache-2.4 complains about “User” […]

Lex: When the real fun begins …

I was happily debugging the test phase of building LLVM in Gentoo hardened SElinux. Makefile, Perl, Phyton, Bash … I can mostly read through code with occasional help by google. But Lex (*.ll) files looked like Greek to me, here’s the simplest example I could find: test/ExecutionEngine/hello.ll ; RUN: lli %s > /dev/null @.LC0 = […]