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Linux: Toggling CPU governor aka CPU speed

Throttling CPU speed on a laptop makes sense, but when I’m compiling and it takes longer, I can watch the CPU speed jump up and down when I think it should just stay at full speed. There default CPU mode for me is “conservative”, this is recommended for laptops. Aside from that the governor “performance” […]

Gentoo : Ebuild Test Suite

I asked about an existing test suite for ebuilds and was told there was none or everyone writes their own. Well, I did write my own … maybe someone can use it or help me improve it. ebuild-test-suite Link to github:ebuild-test-suite From the manual: About This is a test suite for portage ebuilds in Gentoo! […]

Linux: Disable Elantech or Synaptics Touchpad

The touchpad was driving me crazy when tipping. Just getting near it was enough to accidentally click all over the place. There is a nifty tool for Synaptics touchpads that supposedly disables the touchpad while typing. I forgot the name, but google knows about it. But this laptop has an Elantech Touchpad. It might behave […]

Gentoo: Ebuild from scratch

==>> New Pages: Gentoo: Ebuild From Scratch I’m trying to really understand Gentoo. I edited some existing ebuilds before, but now it’s time to write my first ebuild from scratch. It helps me learn when I document the learning process, so why not make this public. Read Ebuild From Scratch if your’re interested. It covers […]

UEFI, Grub2: Story of my nightmare

UEFI, Grub2: Story of my nightmare Update 2 This article is historical! Read my articles at the Pentoo WIKI for pretty examples on how to tackle UEFI. Update The info below are my scrambled notes taken when I hit the problem. UEFI is actually really cool, you don’t need GRUB2 or any bootloader! Just follow […]

Computer: Trouble with new hardware

Computer: Trouble with new hardware So I got this new laptop on Monday evening, here’s what I like about it: CPU: i7-3610, 6MB Cache RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Display: 17″ Full HD, 16:9, 1920 x 1080 Disk: 750GB 5400rpm plus a free slot for SSD :-D Graphic: Nvidia GT 630M – i7 has integrated graphics, […]

Linux: Notes on SystemRescueCd

Linux: Notes on SystemRescueCd I use SystemRescueCd as Linux-on-USB because it is Gentoo based. The installation has a bug. After it fails, just run: ./usb_inst/syslinux –install –directory syslinux /dev/sdb1 (02:35:15 PM) mingdao: Wuodan: Mind you, with 2.7.1 it’s gonna fail when you first run There is a problem with the script of systemrescuecd-x86-2.7.1.iso […]