Linux: Monitor File Access, etc.

Linux: Monitor File Access, etc.

Just my notes, I’ll play with these tools some more.


list open files”: report a list of open files and processes that own them.


Monitor system calls used by a program and the system calls it receives.

inotify / inotify-tools

Extends filesystems to notice changes to the filesystem, and report those changes.
This shows all accesses to files/folders, recursively from users home:
inotifywait -r -m $HOME
But it does not give information about the accessing process, or am I mistaken?
If so, it’s not what I need at them moment …

Weird, man-page for inotify is present, but the command is unknown. Something about being in the kernel since release 2.6.13.
But there are inotify-tools.

Reading material on inotify and inotify-tools:
Monitor file system activity with inotify

Some of the text-snippets were merely copied from Wikipedia articles.


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