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Linux: Monitor File Access, etc.

Linux: Monitor File Access, etc. Just my notes, I’ll play with these tools some more. lsof “list open files”: report a list of open files and processes that own them. strace Monitor system calls used by a program and the system calls it receives. inotify / inotify-tools Extends filesystems to notice changes to the filesystem, […]

Project: Linux to Windows Keyboard Layout Converter

Project: Linux to Windows Keyboard Layout Converter Current State Collecting material. Trying to understand xkbcom (xkbcomp – compile XKB keyboard description) … is this the parser in Linux? Have: – Windows and Linux layouts as plain text – Windows layout: Comprehension of Windows layout, think I could create those, including dead key combinations, etc. – […]

Gentoo: US International keyboard with AltGr

Update: I’m updating this from time to time, whenever new things get added. These seem to be the minimal changes to make it work. Took me a while to get this right, this is what I changed: Locale Pretty much every one wants this. I played around, setting the LANG variable to “en_US.UTF8” works, but […]

US International keyboard layout

US International keyboard layout I started using the US International keyboard layout yesterday and absolutely love it! To be precise, the “English (US) English (international AltGr dead keys)“. The alternative “US international with dead keys” is way to complicated to use, see below. Reasons to switch The “Swiss (German)” layout sucks when it comes to […]

Linux: Find files without string

Finding files with a string is easy, but finding files without a string … My problem was to find all files named “.ebuild” containing “epatch” but not containing “eutils” … Solution 1, slow From find /usr/portage/ -name “*.ebuild” -exec grep -lR ‘epatch’ {} \; | xargs grep -L ‘eutils’ same, but writing to a file: […]

Gentoo: Quick How To Clone Your First Ebuild

Update: This is an old post, you might want to read how I make my first Ebuild From Scratch !! I had a problem installing gnome, see It’s temporary solved by a local ebuild atm, building the ebuild by the documentation was rather hard, some stuff is not mentioned. So here’s my: Quick How […]